No funny jokes about the US Shutdown here…

The US government shutdown has been wreaking havoc on everything. The government has deemed Nobel Prize-winning physicist David Wineland and his research non-essential.  US government researchers are barred from scientific conferences.  Outdoorsmen (and women) can look here to see how it affects them.  It will likely have disastrous long-term effects for biomedical research.  It has even suspended Antarctic research for a YEAR!  That’s vital data lost forever and it doesn’t just matter to Americans; read about it here, here, and here.

I especially love the trending twitters hashtag #ShutdownPickupLines

My favorite one “NASA may have shut its Curiosity down, but you just turned mine on”

I had of tragic stories of the unintended consequences of the shutdown like cancer patients denied treatments then I heard horror stories of student projects interrupted by the US government shutdown.  Thank god I’m doing field work in US, I thought.  Then…. it affected me, in less severe, albeit annoying manner.  I’m trying to mimic the natural lunar cycle so I needed to access a dataset from NASA on lunar intensity as it relates to the phase angle of the moon.  This is what I get.

I heard that this was one of the most infuriating things you would read… Until I saw this picture of a child with a bear hat who can’t get into the zoo, how sad.  I should stop complaining.



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