Matthew J. Oldach

Bio: I am a first year M.Sc. Biology student at the University of Calgary. I use various techniques including SCUBA diving, RNA-Seq, proteomics, and bioinformatics to explore how circadian and circalunar cycles of gene expression influence synchronous spawning in the Cnidarians. In the lab I work with the sea anemone Aiptasia pallida, these results are empirically field tested with studies on the stony corals Acropora digitifera and Acropora humilis in southern Taiwan. In my down time I enjoy cross-country and downhill snowboarding. This blog is used as a public forum to share thoughts and ideas related to my field of research. In the past I wrote for another blog (http://matthewoldach.scienceblog.com/) and I think it is just as important (in other ways) as writing peer reviewed publications. In my opinion this is another a good way to develop my skills as a writer, share ideas, and discuss my career progress. You can follow me on Twitter @MattOldach

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